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Human centric design is an approach to product development that puts user needs, desires, and abilities at the forefront of the design process. Rather than if users will adapt and accommodate their behaviour to the product, this means making design decisions based on how people can, need and want to perform tasks.

Human Centric Design

Our human-centred design approach is balanced by building empathy for the user, giving us unique insight into how users interact with products in their environments, as well as meeting their explicit and implicit needs and expectations. To achieve user requirements and business objectives, this approach is supported by rigorous testing and engineering.

Human Centric Design gives us unique insights into how users interact with products in their environments

User Research

What is your understanding of your users? You can turn to  Stich for insights into product development, design, and strategy. Using human centric design methods, our experienced user research team illuminates the needs, desires, and challenges of your users and the context in which they operate, to deliver meaningful recommendations.

Human Centric Design User Research

Here are some ways we can assist you:

  • Identify opportunities within a market
  • Get to know the target users and their environments
  • Inform existing devices about product improvements
  • Recognize and solve errors in use, complaints from customers, or low market acceptance caused by poor compliance

Our goal is to turn user research data into clear, understandable, actionable deliverables that will help you make effective design and development decisions.

Better Understanding Leads to Better Products

At  Stich, we bridge the gap between user experience and product design by speaking the language of users as well as designers and engineers. Our design and engineering staff can translate the product implications uncovered by user research into realistic product recommendations.

Good products start with a thorough understanding of the user and their environment. An investment in early contextual and exploratory research pays for itself many times over through increased product acceptance, reductions in the rate of use errors and product recalls, and faster development timelines. Identifying user needs and requirements up front can help you “get it right the first time” and avoid costly changes later in the development cycle.

An investment in early contextual and exploratory research pays for itself many times over

Concept Development

Don’t let pure aesthetics or guesswork drive your product design. Let  Stich help you develop concepts. It is our passion to create products that make a difference in people’s lives. Our approach is centred around the needs of your end users. We base our design process on understanding the tasks our customers try to perform and finding solutions that help them accomplish them more efficiently.

Here are some ways we can assist you:

  • Effortlessly design new products by accelerating the design process
  • Provide solutions to your existing products’ usability, safety, and acceptance issues
  • Make decisions about new product features
  • Before developing a design, consider its feasibility and usability

Human Centric Design Concept Development

Translating Insights into Design

In concept development, we translate user needs and expectations into product designs and specifications. For complex product development decisions, we provide you with clear, unambiguous answers so you can move forward confidently. By incorporating human centric design principles into the early development process, you can streamline development timelines, increase the safety and usability of your products, and avoid costly mistakes that cause regulatory delays or product recalls.

Stich brings together unmatched subject matter expertise in human factors, industrial design and a wide range of science and engineering disciplines to develop design ideas that are technically and economically feasible and targeted to the needs of your end user. We have expertise in logistic device design, but our experience spans government, industrial and automotive products.

A Balanced Approach to Product Design

End user needs, defined during the research phase, are translated into tangible requirements that guide concept design and development. This approach allows us to identify potential safety, usability, or customer satisfaction issues early in the design when they are easier and cheaper to address.

Concept development begins with user research. During the concept development phase, we:

  •   Analyse the user needs
  •   Generate novel ideas to address those needs
  •   Get feedback on designs or prototypes from customers, end users and other stakeholders
  •   Refine the product ideas based on new information
  •   Select the best product design to move forward based on engineering and business requirements

This is an iterative process, involving multiple rounds of user feedback and product refinement. This approach allows us to identify potential safety, usability, or customer satisfaction issues early in the design, when they are less complex and less costly to address. At the end of the process, you’ll come away with clear, unambiguous recommendations and a product design ready to move forward to the next phase of development.

Concept Execution

Move your products from concept to final design with confidence. When you need to realize how a design will look and feel, rapid prototyping can help you quickly and economically evaluate top product designs. Stich’s designers, engineers and material scientists can help ensure your product meets use, manufacturing, and storage requirements.

Human Centric Design Concept Execution

Bringing Designs to Life

During our concept execution phase, we translate your design concepts into physical appearance models, from preliminary mock-ups to high-fidelity engineering prototypes.

We leverage these prototypes to:

  •   Realize design concepts and incorporate changes quickly to evaluate the safety and usability of product designs to reduce risks and liabilities
  •   Recommend design and interface improvements to improve the safety and usability of your final product
  •   Assess and select materials based on use and storage requirements
  • Design your product for seamless transition to final manufacturing

Testing and Evaluation

At Stich, you can count on us to take care of everything. We offer a full range of testing and evaluation services throughout the design and development process, from formative user research to summative studies. Let Stich help you make sure your final product is ready for market release or FDA submission.

Human Centric Design Testing and Evaluation

We Provide Customized Testing and Evaluation Services

Stich can provide scalable testing and evaluation services at any stage of product development. From early formative design evaluations to complex summative testing, we design and execute studies that fit your project needs. We generate reports that inform design decisions and efficiently integrate into your business and submission needs.

The Fastest Path to Regulatory Approval

Stich’s Human Centric Design experts provide reliable, trusted results for human factors studies. Our testing and evaluation process identifies potential safety and usability risks and outlines clear, understandable recommendations for improvement. We evaluate all kinds of products, from software applications to complex medical devices and combination products. Our experienced human factors team can help you navigate the necessary regulatory inputs to avoid unwelcome surprises and find the fastest path to regulatory approval.

Idea, opportunity, or problem to solve? Contact Stich if you’d like to find out more.

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